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Take a look at all the interesting characters of the game, and excite your imagination to really become part of the experience! You can play at home, or at your very own immersive dinner party where you can make the characters come to life!


Dante Donati.jpg

The Truffle King, 50’s, loud, boisterous, life of the party. He is the owner of the Donati 

Truffle Brand, Estate and Ristorante after being passed down to him from his father, and 

his father’s father. He likes his whiskey and scotch very much, and always has a glass in 

his hand, starting at lunch. He likes to wine and dine his guests, and make sure that 

everyone is treated like royalty at Donati’s Ristorante.


He runs the family business with his current, 2nd Wife, Olga, whom he has been married 

to, for 12 years. He has a daughter, Isabella, who is 17 years old, from his first wife who 

mysteriously died as they were in the process of getting a divorce years ago.


Dante is obsessed with truffles and lives for his business and the idea of gluttony, 

bacchanalia, and the rich life. He has also been known to make bad business deals, and 

has had a hand in the mafia for some time. Women love him, and others love to hate 

Him. He is a force to be reckoned with.



Olga Donati.jpg

The Wife. 2nd Wife, 30’s, Trophy Wife, Gorgeous, Intoxicating. Loves to flaunt her 

wealth and host parties and events for the creme de la creme of Italy.  She makes sure to 

give special attention to celebrities and top politicians that come through the doors of 

Donati’s Ristorante, and she often hosts weekend long parties on the estate for her 

socialite friends.


She met Virgil Donati, Dante’s brother, when she was 22 and working in a small Italian 

wine bar. They dated briefly, and one day while she was out with Virgil, Olga ended up 

meeting Dante Donati, Virgil’s brother, and the heir to the Donati Fortune.  She immediately fell head over heels in love. Dante proceeded to steel Olga away from him brother, and they were married in a year. 


Some people  in the town said that Olga only married Dante for the money, and that she was really still in love with Virgil, Dante’s brother.


Through-out the years Olga and Virgil would flirt and stay close, and no one is ever really 

sure if they continued an affair after she was married, or not.


Dante has accepted that he will never know what went on between his wife and his 

brother, and Olga has accepted that Dante will always have hundreds of women flocking 

to him. They have come to a place where they are able to run a successful business and 

truffle fortune together, while bickering the whole way through.


The Daughter, 17 years old, young, beautiful, with a very unique look.  She had convinced her parents to home-school her so that she could work on her music career, and now is an up-and-coming jazz artist whose most recent jazz-pop album is rising on the charts. During her days, she hits the auditions circuit and has landed a few Broadway and Off-Broadway gigs.


While she is not a brat, she is spoiled and entitled, and often begs her father for anything she wants, and gets it. He has funded her first two albums, and she is now awaiting funds for her third release and tour.


She has been a little boy crazy since she turned 15, and loves talking about all of the wealthy sons of investors, business owners, and millionaires that come to the restaurant. However, it was a bit of a huge surprise to her when she started developing feelings for the waiter, Carlo Oliva-Giardino, who has worked at Donati’s for the last 3 years, and they have been keeping a secret relationship hidden from her parents, mostly her step-mother, Olga.


Olga raised Isabella since she was 5 years old, and as she grew up had a rough relationship with her, they always butted heads, and never got along. Isabella secretly blames Olga for the divorce and for losing her mother.

Isabella Donati.jpg

Virgil Donati.jpg


The Brother, 40’s, Charming, Good-Looking in a Goofy, Loveable Way. Virgil is Dante’s Younger Brother who did not inherit any piece of the Donati Estate or Brand. Their father left the entire fortune to Dante’s name, so because of this, Virgil has resentment towards his brother and his family.


Over the years he has been able to get over it, and still stay a part of the family and restaurant team. Being that he didn’t inherit any of the family money, he has had to make his way in life with multiple odd jobs, including a short stint on the Police Force. He also worked in a comic book store, worked as a train driver, and dabbled in theater and acting, but never made it. To earn extra money, he works at the restaurant for a modest paycheck weekly. 


The Executive Chef, 40’s-50’s, strong Italian accent, insane temper, ups and downs from 

rage to an intense love for food. He is very strict with his kitchen staff, and requires all in 

his kitchen to respond with “Yes Chef!” and “Heard!”  His obsession for truffles runs 

deep, and he is always in search of the best, biggest and smelliest dirt diamond possible. 

While cooking, he has been known to eat truffles straight and raw, which is a no-no from 

Olga Donatia. He often gets caught, and is made to pay the high price for the truffles he is 

eating, because that takes away profit from the family business.  


Chef Bruno is a C-Celebrity in his own right, and not only has he been on various shows the likes of Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen, but he is often written up in Food Journals, online magazines, news features, and is the talk of the “foodie” town. People fly in from all over the world to taste his specialties, and his exquisite truffle dishes. 


While they often do not see eye to eye, and often get into screaming fights, Olga and Dante Donati love Chef Bruno like he is part of the family, because he has been with the business and ristorante since opening.

Chef Bruno.jpg



The Hostess, 20’s, Young, Hot and Feisty. Has been working at Donati’s Ristorante for 

the last 6 months, and was hired by Dante. She has a mysterious aire, she plays dumb, but

knows how to be conniving and persuasive to get what she wants. Dante and Beatrice

often have a flirty relationship, and it bother’s Olga, but Dante flirts with all of the staff 

and guests, so she has learned how to deal with it.


The Waiter, early 20’s, young, hungry, reserved, obedient. He has worked for the Donait’s 

about 3 years now, and over that time had begun a close friendship with Isabella, the 

daughter. Over the last 6 months they have started a romantic relationship, and have kept 

it a secret from the family, as Isabella’s parents would not like it that she is dating a 

“waiter” with no financial prospects or future. 


However, what the Donati’s do not know is that Carlo has been hard at work opening his own restaurant on the side, as it has always been his dream.  


When he was a little boy in Italy, he was orphaned by his mother, and left in a basket outside of a convent where the local nuns grew olives and made cheese. They gave him the name Carlo Romano Oliva-Giardino, which translates to:

  Carlo:         “Manly” because they wanted him to grow up big and strong.

  Romano:         “Cheese” because he loved eating their cheeses as a baby.

  Oliva-Giardino:      “Olive Garden” for the Garden in which they found him.

Carlo later grows up to open the famous “Olive Garden” restaurants all over the world, and starts the corporation which houses many brands including “Romano’s” Ristorante and more.

Carlo Oliva Giardino.jpg
Don Fiola.jpg


The Mob Boss, 50’s, Cool, Calm & Collected, likes cigars, expensive wine and scotch, runs illegal businesses in the Olive Oil and Truffle Trade industries, has been good friends with Dante Donati since they were kids.

Antonio AmatoIII.jpg


The Investor, 60’s, old money, extreme wealth, has owned and invested in hundreds of 

businesses over the years. Straight shooter, no B.S. and will put you in your place if you 

do wrong by him.  He met Dante Donti and was introduced to the the Truffle Estate 

almost 20 years ago, so he has been with the brand for a long time, and has a big stake in 

the company. He has invested a small fortune to help Dante grow Donati Truffles.






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